THINK Global School

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THINK Global School is a private not-for-profit high school that travels the world, allowing students to study in three international cities each academic year. The school will launch initially in three locations – Barcelona, Oslo and Beijing. Classes are taught based on the Harkness teaching method (students and teachers work together interactively around oval seminar tables), with students moving on a trimester basis to a new international city. Our assignment was to position THINK Global School as a visionary and trend-setting academic institution focused on providing a unique educational experience for the development of future global leaders. We also needed to create credibility in order to obtain the accreditation compliance required for the program.



Our recommended brand positioning was built around establishing THINK Global School as a center of excellence in global learning and leadership. TURKEL first created the overall brand identity for the school. Next, we built an integrated global strategic communications program that drove traffic to our Web site/online portal. We also included a social media component utilizing Facebook, Twitter and blogs.



The school is set to open with its first freshman class in September 2010. While it is too soon to measure enrollment, initial press coverage has been positive and plentiful.

THINK Global School Ad

THINK Global School Ad

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