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The Situation

The Beacon Council is the official economic development organization for Miami-Dade County. Their job: convince business leaders that Miami is the ideal location to relocate and/or expand their business. Thing is, even though rival cities have been advertising, the Beacon Council never advertised how ideal Miami is for business, until now.

Our Solution

We studied why companies like us prefer conducting business here. Our conclusion: why just vacation in paradise when you can enjoy it year-round? We hired world-class photographer William Huber to represent Miami’s lifestyle in its most beautiful light. On top of these photos, we plotted the hot button bragging points that motivate today’s business leaders – facts that many would never attribute to Miami. Our campaign theme “Give Your Business A Life” wraps up Miami-Dade’s unique combination of economics and lifestyle. Readers realize: I can golf instead of huddling by the heater, I can stay tan, I can trash my long johns, I can work and prosper and enjoy living in paradise at the same time.

The Results

Our campaign ran during a challenging economic environment. But even with the tragedy of September 11, and the slowdown of the national and international economy, The Beacon Council successfully completed 36 new location and expansion projects. The 36 companies created over 2,200 new jobs and added over $128 million in new investments. According to economic data, Miami-Dade County led the State of Florida in employment growth, marking the first time in over a decade this has occurred. Over one third of all new jobs created in the state were in Miami-Dade County.

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