Kissimmee Florida – Alec for Mayor

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The Situation

The unscripted TV spots we created for Kissimmee left us with priceless unedited footage of some of the most charming kids you’ll even encounter. Alec, one of our young talents, really struck a chord with viewers with his ringing endorsement – “You can do whatever you want here.” We saw the potential to move Kissimmee beyond banners and microsites and into the world of social networking.


Our Solution

Since Alec loved Kissimmee so much, and the public loved Alec so much, we had him run for Mayor of Kissimmee. We made up questions, re-edited the 30-second spot with unused takes, and created a two-minute mock press conference with Alec as the star of the show. We posted the video on YouTube and gave Alec his own Web site and blog. We even drew up a press release for the CVB, as well as giving them a scripted answer for curious callers.


The Results

The word spread virally, and Alec reached a much larger audience. His overwhelming fame even stretched to Los Angeles, and he received a call from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Unfortunately for Alec, you have to be a local citizen to be a Mayor, and he lived well outside the city limits. But that didn’t lessen his love for Kissimmee, and we’ll still support him if ever decides to run again.

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