It’s So Miami: People + Places

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Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau



Miami is already a popular vacation destination, but the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau aimed to expand the brand beyond surf and sun. Competing against domestic destinations like New York City and Las Vegas, and international destinations like Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona, the GMCVB needed to build awareness of Miami’s other compelling assets like art, culture, music, food and lifestyle.

Our research showed that visitors are looking for authentic experiences, and they want to explore a destination from the local’s point of view. We evolved our “It’s So Miami campaign to focus on Miami’s varied neighborhoods, focusing on interesting things to see and do from the perspective of local residents. Our new campaign shows them when they can find some of those It’s So Miami experiences.


Our “It’s So Miami: People & Places” campaign highlights Miami’s many vibrant neighborhoods and the people who live there. A series of print ads specific to each of Miami’s unique neighborhoods feature colorful local characters taking readers on guided tours of their favorite haunts. The ads link the companion neighborhood videos featured on the GMCVB website at “People & Places” allows visitors to discover the uniqueness of Miami through the eyes of its local residents. Visitors are inspired to venture off the beaten path and explore the cultural diversity that is Greater Miami and the Beaches.

Featuring the neighborhoods as an overarching approach allowed GMCVB to incorporate content promoting its members and business partners (hotels, dining, events, arts & culture, beaches, shopping), delivering greater clarity and value to GMCVB membership.

ROI for the It’s So Miami People & Places print campaign was measured via visitor traffic to the campaign URL, (People & Places Insider Guides).


  • 64,664 total views during 2014
  • 49% of users entered via Display Media
  • 37% of users entered via the


  • Drove more than 100,000 clicks to the ISM Insider Guides landing page
  • Pre-Roll drove 79% completion rate, higher than 76% travel average
  • Custom email drove more than 9% CTR!

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