Impressionable Years – Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

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The Situation

When the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB), the public-private partnership charged with marketing Miami tourism to the world, came to us for a new advertising campaign to encourage visitation in the wake of September 11th, we responded with a concept that appealed to this essential human desire – the need to connect with the ones we love.

The Solution

To market Miami, we asked potential visitors a very simple question: What Makes You Happy? While they pondered our question, we showed them how they could find whatever it was they cared about in our area. Using beautiful pictures and poetic text, we stressed the opportunity for them to bond with their loved ones in our warm and welcoming community.

The Results

While we started out with the objective of simply promoting tourism to Miami, we soon realized that part of our responsibility was to remind people that it’s the simple things in life that really make them happy. Because of the universal truth of our message, this seemingly secondary idea really became as meaningful as selling travel to Miami. And now, every time someone sees one of our ads, they are reminded of how important and precious the simple and profound things in their life are.

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