Florida Rights and Restoration Coalition

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The Situation

We were asked to help reform Florida’s faulty voting system. Specifically we were asked to create a campaign to convince Florida State Legislators to abandon optical scanning voting technology and return our state to the more accountable paper-trail machines.

While this was a non-partisan issue (both sides of the aisle support fair elections) there was significant lobbying from the manufacturers of the optical equipment. There was also a concern about the +20 million-dollar cost of returning to the older technology. Clearly we had a lot of convincing to do.

Our Solution

Our solution was to create an interactive “viral” campaign in support of these election reforms. Our campaign, called Count All Votes, provided a 50-second online commercial and an automated form (CountAllVotes.com) to let visitors tell Governor Crist and the state legislators that they supported the voting machines bill. View video here: http://www.youtube.com/user/countallvotes. At the time of the vote in the legislature, over 2,300 people had viewed our video, posted on YouTube. And the Internet posting was also linked to freedom-conscious blogs all over the world.

The Results

In just three days over 2,000 people used this website to make their opinions known and send letters to their elected officials. That means that congressman and senators received a supporter’s letter every minute and a half!

And the voting machine bill, which was not assured of passing before our involvement, won unanimous approval by the house and senate and was proudly signed by Governor Crist, helping to keep democracy safe in Florida.

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