Coconut Grove

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The Situation

Miami’s oldest neighborhood needed help. Not in what it looked or felt like, but in how it was perceived by locals planning their free time, their dinner out or their weekend getaway. Coconut Grove is centrally-located to all of Miami-Dade County, so a quick – and scenic – drive can transport residents from the hectic urban grind to an idyllic tropical setting.


Our Solution

Miami residents travel almost exclusively by car, so we knew outdoor advertising was the most effective way to get our message across. A series of bus shelter posters using the tagline “Get Laid Back,” reminded locals of the Grove’s laid-back vibe and bohemian roots. Billboards on U.S. 1, Miami’s main thoroughfare, played up the Grove’s strong suits – relaxation and sidewalk cafés. The boards, resembling expressway directional signs, used tongue-in-cheek comparisons with Miami’s urban side to entice people to the Grove.


The Results

The Coconut Grove Business Improvement Committee which commissioned the campaign reports that business is booming, albeit in a relaxed way, in the Grove.

Campaign Examples

Campaign Example

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