“Intrigue is the antidote to Infobesity.” Sam Horn 341/365

“Strive not be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein 340/365

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr. Seuss 339/365

“One can buy their oats at either end of the horse. Most often a client will get exactly what they pay for!” Bill Mahoney 338/365

“A brand builds trust by the drop but loses trust by the bucket.” Kevin Plank, Under Armour 337/365

“The simple is the last refuge of the complex.” Lord Henry Wotton 336/365

“It is only the shallow who do not judge on appearances.” Lord Henry Wotton 335/365

“Think of your brain as a survival tool, like fangs or claws. The human brain does not search for truth; it seeks advantage.” Bill Bernbach 334/365

“Never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake. That's bad manners,” Napoleon 333/365

“Everything I try to do is from the fans’ perspective.” Rick Rubin 332/365

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“He who controls the media controls the mind.” Jim Morrison 331/365

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” Peter Drucker 330/365

“All information goes in through the heart.” Sir John Hegarty 329/365

“A brand is not made just by the people who buy it but also the people who know about it.” Sir John Hegarty 328/365

There is no reality without deadlines. 327/365

“When your buyer has a lot of choices, it’s harder for them to make a decision.” Brian Palmer 326/365

“We can’t control the market. We can’t control our customers. We can only control our actions.” Lisa Ford 325/365

“Less isn't more; just enough is more.” Milton Glaser 324/365

A good brand makes people feel good. A great brand makes people feel good about themselves. 323/365

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 322/365

“Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.” John Keats 320/365

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“Branding decommoditizes a commodity.” Seth Siegel 319/365

“Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us without words?” Marcel Marceau 318/365

Whoever owns the nomenclature owns the conversation. 317/365

“Content Isn't King. Trust Is King.” Daily SEO Blog 316/365


FOX is on the right. MSNBC is on the left. CNN is firmly in the middle. Where are you? 314/365

Los Angeles is movies. Las Vegas is sin. Miami is hip. What do you stand for? 313/365

New York is the Big Apple. Chicago is Midwestern New Orleans is jazz. What do you stand for? 312/365

“No one wants to talk to a shampoo or a soda or a shoe. They want to talk to the people behind those things.” Avinash Kaushik 311/365

“Reasoning will never make a man correct an ill opinion, which by reasoning he never acquired.” Samuel Johnson 310/365

“Those who think they have all the answers are not up-to-date on the questions.” Janet Galvan 309/365

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“Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand.” David Ogilvy 308/365

“Satisfactory is average. The best brands know satisfied customers aren’t loyal customers.” Shep Hyken 307/365

“When a logo is done right, people should say 'Of course, what else would it be?'” Bob Gill 306/365

“The worst feedback is indifference” Guy Kawasaki 305/365

“No one has ever stopped reading half-way through a story that was about them or their neighbors.” Warren Buffet 304/365

The Tools Change. The Rules Don’t. 303/365

“We should not write so that it is possible for the reader to understand us, but so that it is impossible for him to misunderstand us.” Quintilian 302/365

Repeat, repeat, repeat. But never be repetitive. 301/365

When you make assumptions you make mistakes. 300/365

"You can"t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." Jack London 299/365

Spontaneity takes a lot of preparation. 298/365

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"I played at being someone I wanted to be until I became that person." Cary Grant 297/365

How can you make your brand a verb like Google or Skype? 296/365

No Consumer Comes To A Decision On Their Own. 295/365

Define your brand before others do. 294/365

"I did not have sex with that woman." You can"t defend a negative. 292/365

"What's a brand? A singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of the prospect." Al Ries 291/365

"Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand." David Ogilvy 290/365

"Your brand is who other people think you are when they"re not looking." Tate Linden 289/365

"Brands are the express checkout for people living their lives at ever increasing speed." BrandWeek 288/365

Appeal to all five senses. Engage as many of your customer"s senses as possible. 287/365

"Products are made in the factory, brands are created in the mind." Walter Landor 286/365

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Apple owns cool computing. What does your brand own? 285/365

"3 rules of marketing are brand recognition, brand recognition, brand recognition." Anonymous 284/365

"A trademark is a symbol of a corporation. It"s not a sign of quality." Paul Rand 283/365

"What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself" Abraham Lincoln 282/365

"Wear our jeans, they don"t make you look fat." Never tell people why they shouldn"t not buy. 281/365

"Drive our car, it"s not unsafe." Never tell people why they shouldn"t not buy. 280/365

Google owns search. What does your brand own? 279/365

Homeowners don"t want A/Cs. They want to be cool. What do your customers want? 278/365

"Eat here, our restaurant isn"t dirty." Never tell people why they shouldn"t not buy. 277/365

"Being salesy is always better than being brokey." Randy Gage 276/365

Previous generations defined themselves by the wars they fought. We define ourselves by the things we bought. 275/365

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"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." Rahm Emanuel 274/365

"I am not a crook." You can"t defend a negative. 273/365

If they feel your brand makes them better, thinner, richer or happier they"ll pay to be near it. 272/365

Your brand can"t be a little excellent, a little pregnant or a little unique. Either you"re unique or you"re not. 271/365

Sell aspiration. Few backpacks actually go camping. But they could" 270/365

You don"t have to be best at what you do, you have to be best at branding what you do. 269/365

Make it yours. A message is only powerful if it is uniquely yours. 268/365

"Marketing isn"t rocket science. It"s people science." Bill Chambers 267/365

if your brand doesn"t stand for something, your customers will fall for anything. 266/365

Why are sports team brands still exploitive? The Indians, Braves, Chiefs, Eskimos. 265/365

Obama won 1st term with 2 words " Hope and Change. He won 2nd with 1 " Forward. How many do you need? 264/365

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"Risky is the new safe." Randy Gage 263/365

Nobody cares about your newsletter unless it"s about them. 262/365

"Be sincere, be brief, be seated." FDR on presentations 261/365

"Coke Is It." "Always Low Prices." Are the best tags always 3 words? 260/365

"Great brands are created by great products, great advertising, and great patience." Bob Hoffman 259/365

Don"t raise your voice. Improve your message. 258/365

"The trouble with quotes on the Internet is it"s hard to know if they"re real." Abraham Lincoln 257/365

"Don"t market to audiences. Identify a real person and sell to them." Ric Katz 256/365

"It"s taken me all my life to learn what not to play." Dizzy Gillepie 255/365

"Make a choice about what"s important and let go of the rest." Garr Reynolds 254/365

"If you"re not willing to be wrong, you can never be creative." Sir Kenneth Robinson 253/365

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"Making the simple complicated is commonplace. Making the `complicated simple takes creativity." Charles Mingus 252/365

"Tastes great. Less filling." User was guzzler then weight-loss. Brand still worked. 251/365

That which is monitored is done. That which is monitored & measured is done well. 250/365

"To search for perfection is all very well. But to look for heaven is to live here in hell." Sting 249/365

"People don"t buy Apple products. They subscribe to the brand." Mike Earley 248/365

Can marketing take the tofu out of Tofutti? Not if tofu"s in the product name. 247/365

To be in the right place at the right time you have to be in place in the first place. 246/365

A bed of nails is comfy. Step on one nail & you"ll know it. Brand attributes are like that too. 245/365

Is your brand leveraging every touch point opportunity? 244/365

"A brand has to tell its own story & the consumer"s story." Andrew Keller 243/365

"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." Daniel Moynihan 242/365

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Engage, don"t interrupt. 241/365

"Aston Martin: Power, Beauty & Soul. It"s a laundry list, not a car." Paul Hellman.

"Negative headlines don"t not work." Tom Monahan 240/365

IBM"s motto was "Think." So Apple said "Think Different." Coincidence? 239/365

"A brand isn"t something you sing about, it"s something you feel strongly about." Hugo La Torre 238/365

"Everything you always wanted"and less." Brilliant! 237/365

Know what you stand for. Make sure your audience does, too. 236/365

"Built Ford Tough." I Love NY." Are the best tags always 3 words? 235/365

One point. In simple terms. As concise as possible. 234/365

There"s a big gulf between "I could have thought of that" & "I should have thought of that." 233/365

A great idea can make a small budget look like a big one. A bad idea can do the opposite. 232/365

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"It"s not what you say, it"s what they hear." Frank Luntz 231/365

"Content is King." Nicholas Negroponte 230/365

Creativity is putting old things together in new ways. 229/365

"The fact that a thing is itself." Aristotle 228/365

Arial, Verdana & Georgia were designed for computer screens, not logos. 227/365

Creativity takes common & makes it new & takes new & makes it common. 226/365

"Designers are supposed to see things before others do & act on (their) visions." R. Cumberford 225/365

Why are sports team brands still exploitive? The Redskins, Seminoles, Fighting Irish. 224/365

Onamonapia can make great brand names like Windex & Swisher. 223/365

Sell aspiration. Few dive watches actually dive. But they could" 222/365

Why are car keys so big? So you can show off the logo. 221/365

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Quote yourself sometimes, too. 220/365

Lots of tools & functions. Good for Swiss Army Knives. Bad for brands. 219/365

Tourists don"t want to fly on airplanes, they want to travel. What do your customers want? 218/365

Nothing will kill a bad product faster than good branding. 217/365

"Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't already have." America 216/365

It"s called "Show Business" not "Show Art" for a reason. 215/365

How the screenwriters sold movie Cujo to investors: "Jaws. With paws." 214/365

"Bond. James Bond." "I"ll be back." "Plastics." Big actors have big brands. 213/365

Z = Zoro. S = Superman. Bat = Batman. Web = Spiderman. Super heroes have super brands. 212/365

Owning a Mac doesn"t make you a designer any more than owning a piano makes you a musician. 211/365

"Plop Plop Fizz Fizz" almost doubled Alka Seltzer"s sales overnight. Why? 210/365

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"You"re in good hands with Allstate." Because "great hands" would be bragging. 209/365

GE changed "We bring good things to life" to "Imagination at work." Why? 208/365

Cows have to wear their brands. Your customers don"t. Never forget that. 207/365

The best brands are badges. Are your buyers wearing your brand proudly? 206/365

All brands talk. The best brands listen. 205/365

I don't know which 1/2." John Wanamaker #brandisms 204/365

"I NEED it" means it will sell. "I WANT it" means it will sell for a lot more. 203/365

"Blockbuster." A great movie. A big company. A great movie. Brands are fragile. 203/365

Customer retention made easy: Question, Empathize, Relate, Close. 202/365

"How you do anything is how you do everything." Dov Seidman 201/365

"If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail." Michael Mandich 200/365

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Great branding will destroy a bad product. 199/365

"You can't put frosting on manure" John Madden 198/365

"Just Do It." "I'm Lovin' It." Are the best tags always 3 words? 197/365

ADs ADD to your brand. PR PRotects it. 196/365

Never confuse activity with productivity. 195/365

"An idea can turn to dust or magic depending on talent." Bill Bernbach 194/365

"Brands aren't made in factories. They're made in the minds of buyers." Barry Wishner 193/365

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." Merritt Stierheim 192/365

"Good business cards = your brand in your hand." David Coblitz 191/365

If you don't know what your brand is, your customers don't either. 190/365

Your brand is the place you occupy in the heads & hearts of your customers. 189/365

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"Branding is action, not pictures or words." VIA Jann at BrandBooster 188/365

"A brand exists only in the heart & mind of the consumer." Lane Atkins 187/365

"Make your brand a verb - Skype me, I'll Xerox the file." Dan Gonzalez 186/365

"A brand should not be a mask, it should expose your soul." Hugo La Torre 185/365

"The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste." Brilliant! 184/365

The iMac was almost called the MacMan. Whew!! 183/365

"Life's a pain, anyone who says differently is selling something." Dread Pirate Roberts 182/365

"Random thoughts are usually calculated." Mike Tesch 181/365

"To be enjoyable slang must be fresh." The Kansas City Star 180/365

Thoreau said, "Simplify. Simplify." Shouldn't he have just said it once? 179/365

The problem with the newspaper business is the word "paper" in the name. 178/365

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"Never mistake motion for action." Earnest Hemingway 177/365

"I'm Lovin' It." "Finger Lickin' Good." Do the best tags always drop the g? 176/365

3 things are more valuable when they cost more: Perfume, jewelry, & consultants. 175/365

Move your customers from NEEDS to WANTS 174/365

"I Like Ike." Brilliant 173/365

Today clients ask: "What have you done for me next?" 172/365

"We have met the enemy & he is us." Pogo 171/365

You can't describe your brand in a few words, why do you expect your clients to? 170/365

Wal-Mart owns low prices. What does your brand own? 169/365

Less IS more. 168/365

Dino Paul Crocetti became Dean Martin. Does your brand need an overhaul too? 167/365

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"Just Do It." Do you really think they're talking about sneakers? 166/365

Ralph Lauren's name was Ralph Lipschitz. Would you wear a Ralph Lipschitz tie? 166/365

Buyers used to kick the tires. Now they check the brand. 165/365

Beware of Daniel Pink's 3 As: "Abundance, Automation, Asia." 164/365

"I'm not a businessman. I'm a business, man." Jay Z 163/365

Windbreaker & Yo-yo USED to be brands. Protect yours. 162/365

It's better to be interested than interesting. 161/365

"Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense." Tom Wolfe 160/365

Imagination defies logic. 159/365

Identify yourself. We know you're in there somewhere. 158/365

"Don't Leave Home Without it." Brilliant! 157/365

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"...Persuasion happens to be not a science but an art." Bill Bernbach 156/365

"Eliminate every superfluous word." The Kansas City Star 155/365

Buyers used to slam the car door. Now they check the brand. 154/365

"Man cannot be comfortable without his own approval." Mark Twain 153/365

Word of mouth is the best medium of all. 152/365

Homeowners don't want alarms. They want to be safe. What do your customers want? 151/365

The difference between genius & stupidity is that genius has its limits. 150/365

Show people your brand cares about them, not you. 149/365

"Intuition is reason in a hurry." Mike Tesch 148/365

Whoever said, "Don't talk unless you can improve the silence" was right. 147/365

You can't polish a turd. 146/365

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When in doubt, risk it. 145/365

"We Try Harder." Brilliant! 144/365

A brand apart is a better brand. 143/365

You catch more flies with sugar than vinegar. 142/365

"I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them." Pablo Picasso 141/365

"Our job is to bring dead facts to life." Bill Bernbach 140/365

How you say it is as important as what you say. 138/365

"Make your brand a verb - Google it & I'll FedEx the artwork." Dan Gonzalez 137/365

Dull but smart is better than beautiful but stupid. 136/365

Volvo owns safety. What does your brand own? 135/365

"Takes a Licking & Goes on Ticking." Brilliant! 134/365

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"The most powerful element in advertising is the truth." Bill Bernbach 133/365

"If we all think alike, then we are not thinking at all." Mike Tesch 132/365

Capture your essence & you capture your identity. 131/365

"Write what you feel, not what you see." Mike Tesch 130/365

"The consumer isn't a moron. She's your wife." David Ogilvy 129/365

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde 128/365

"A Diamond Is Forever." Do you really think they're talking about diamonds? 127/365

"Advertising doesn't create product advantage. It only conveys it." Bill Bernbach 126/365

Branding = Knock, knock, who's there? 125/365

Got Milk? Brilliant! 124/365

Paradise can be found at the library. 123/365

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"Reality obscures imagination." Mike Tesch 122/365

Branding is nothing more than announcing who you are. 121/365

What you can't see is more important than what you can. 120/365

Faster. Cheaper. Better. Pick two. 119/365

How can you make your brand a verb like FedEx, Xerox? 118/365

The future started yesterday. What are you waiting for? 117/365

How can you make your brand a verb like Rollerblade or TiVo? 116/365

Forget "out of the box." There is no box. 115/365

"Interesting" is a euphemism. 114/365

"Short sentences. Short paragraphs. Vigorous English. Be positive..." Hemingway 113/365

"We Bring Good Things To Life." Brilliant! 112/365

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Master the art of story selling. 111/365

Beware of Concepticide. 110/365

7 Steps to good tweeting: Think. Write. STOP. Edit. Decide. STOP. Post. 109/365

Delight is a powerful emotion. Is your brand delightful? 108/365

Crises management made easy: Confess. Define. Act. Apologize. Relate. 107/365

You must be present to win. 106/365

Lady Gaga sold Madonna's brand to new fans. Who says crime doesn't pay? 105/365

Make your employees brand evangelists before your customers. 104/365

People can't revisit a website they've never been to before. 103/365

Great content is the best marketing. 102/365

Anyone who says they're a social media expert is lying to you. 101/365

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Be different or be dead. 100/365

Walk softly but carry a big Twitter following. 99/365

This Internet thing is going to catch on. Don't laugh, it's true. 98/365

You're in the social media game whether you like it or not. Get started. 97/365

"Have It Your Way." Do you really think they're talking about hamburgers? 96/365

Make it simple. To make an impact, your message must be succinct and digestible. 95/365

You can't learn to swim from books. You can't learn social media that way either. 94/365

Brands are badges. Will your customers wear yours? 93/365

Onamonapia can make terrible brand names like Saab. 92/365

"Simplify, simplify" Thoreau 91/365

Great can be the enemy of good, too. 90/365

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Good is the enemy of great. 89/365

"We Try Harder." "Where's The Beef?." Are the best tags always 3 words? 88/365

The two most important words in sales: "Shut the $%&@# up." 87/365

Handymen don't want drill bits. They want holes. What do your customers want? 86/365

You can't have a great brand without a great story. 85/365

If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there? 84/365

Great politicians compromise. Great brands don't. 83/365

Dropbox says "Everything everywhere." Brilliant. 82/365

Always take "yes" for an answer. 81/365

Never confuse a bull market with brains. 80/365

"The Cadillac of something "used to mean great. But brands don't live forever. 79/365

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"People who sacrifice beauty for efficiency get what they deserve." Tom Robbins 78/365

"God is in the details." Mies van der Rohe 77/365

Content makes you money. Context makes you rich. 76/365

Maslow was right. How high does your brand climb his hierarchy? 75/365

Mickey Mouse can sell everything from lunch boxes to DVDs. Can your brand? 74/365

If you don't use your products, why should anyone else? 73/365

What ever happened to Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cingular, EF Hutton? Stay relevant. 72/365

"Finger Lickin' Good." "Imagination At Work." Are the best tags always 3 words? 71/365

The tools change. The rules don't. 70/365

It's not old if your customer hasn't seen it before. 69/365

Vegas owns sin. What does your brand own? 68/365

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Be fascinating or be forgotten. 67/365

Never confuse a fad with brains. 66/365

Make your brand all about them. Tell people what's in it for them. 65/365

People can't remember more than 4 things at once. Keep your message short. 64/365

Your brand must be truthful, not factual. 62/365

"Less is more only when more is too much." Frank Lloyd Wright 61/365

"We don't know who discovered water but it wasn't the fish." Marshall McLuhan 60/365

"It"s not my customers' business to know what they want next." Steve Jobs 59/365

"If I asked my customers what they wanted, they'd say faster horses." Henry Ford 58/365

Religions have the best logos. 57/365

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything." Phil Schwartz 56/365

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Don't tell people about you. Help them "discover" you themselves. 55/365

Orlando owns family fun. What does your brand own? 54/365

United Way: "Giving People Help. Helping People Give." Brilliant. 53/365

How can you make your brand a verb like FaceTime or Taser? 52/365

Obama's "Yes we can" is 2nd best line in advertising history. 50/365

BMW's "The Ultimate Driving Machine" since 1973. Can you say consistent? 49/365

Evernote says "Remember Everything." Brilliant. 48/365

People USE products. They OWN brands. 47/365

WTF stands for "Where's The Future?" Ask THAT next time you're confounded. 46/365

Your product is the content. Your brand is the context. 45/365

You are what you eat has become you are what you consume. 44/365

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Ketchup & Refrigerator USED to be brands. Protect yours. 43/365

Sell aspiration. Few sports cars go faster than 65 MPH. But they could... 42/365

Brands are the badges consumers use to tell the world who they are. 41/365

Don’t change your products. Change your customers’ perception of them. 40/365

You are your brand. Dress accordingly. Tweet accordingly, too. 39/365

Consider the four As. Affordability, Access, Activity, Authenticity. 38/365

Pick your brand carefully. It will influence everything you do. 37/365

You don’t want customers, you want fans. Zealots, even. 36/365

Brokers don’t break things. How well does your name communicate? 35/365

Stop talking about yourself so much already. 34/365

Hendrix, Monroe & Elvis’ brands are worth more now then when they lived. 33/365

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You’re in the social media game whether you want to be or not. 32/365

Your brand is the most valuable thing you own. 31/365

The “social” in “social media” comes first for a reason. 30/365

People don’t buy what you do. They buy who you are. 29/365

Does your receptionist represent your brand? 28/365

BMWs cost between $20k - $150k under the same logo. How do they do that? 27/365

Appeal to hearts then minds. We decide with emotions and justify with facts. 26/365

Apple went from computers to music players. The brand thrived. Would yours? 25/365

IBM went from hardware to software & consulting. The brand thrived. 24/365

Fans wear Harley Davidson & Ironman tattoos. Would they tattoo your logo? 23/365

A brand is not a logo. It’s not a tagline. 22/365

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Is your brand consistent across all consumer touch points? 21/365

Short is good. Really short is better. 20/365

Don’t talk about yourself. Talk about them. 19/365

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? #brandisms 18/365

“A brand exists only in the heart & mind of the consumer.” Lane Atkins #brandisms 17/365

“Random thoughts are usually calculated.” ~Mike Tesch 16/365

Why are car keys so big? So you can show off the logo. 15/365

Don’t tell people about you. Help them “discover” you themselves. #brandisms 14/365

Distill great things you do for your customers into a single, compelling essence. #brandisms 13/365

Your customer wants to love you. Don't get in the way. 12/365

Often the best ideas are hidden in plain sight. Pay attention. #brandisms 11/365

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Focus groups are like dissecting frogs. Bloody & messy & not good for the frog.  #brandisms 10/365

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind there are few.” Suzuki #brandisms 9/365

They don’t use your product because they love your brand, they love your brand because they use your product 8/365

Sell aspiration. Few SUVs go off road. But they could… 7/365

When you get out of the way of your brand, things happen. #brandisms 6/365

“There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter & bleed.” ~Hemingway #brandisms 5/365

Use your own product. It might surprise you. #brandisms 4 of 365

No one ate Patagonian Tooth Fish ‘til it was called Chilean Sea Bass. Now it’s endangered. #brandisms 3/365

A brand is what people say about you behind your back. #brandisms 2/365

Brands are a lot like trust. Built over years. Destroyed overnight. #brandisms 1/365

Branding Words of Wisdom Unleashed on January 28th by @bruceturkel

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Branding School of Thought - coming to a computer near you by @bruceturkel

Words of Wisdom coming to a computer near you, on January 28th, 2013 by @bruceturkel

Theories unscrambled on January 28th, 2013